Centre 81’s ethos is Ability Not Disability. Our Skills & Activities Centre encourages members to challenge themselves, and in the process the widely held negative perceptions about disabled people. We provide opportunities and facilities for members to have fun while trying new activities or experience past activities in different ways, learning and relearning skills and achieving great results in the process.

Whether a person’s goal is to learn to swim, cook, sail or be involved in amateur dramatics, our fantastic staff and volunteers will help them to achieve it.

Members enjoy activities at the centre like painting, cooking, crafts, drama, singing, using social media and even building a working model railway. And throughout the year they help staff to organise themed parties.

If you have a disability or support a friend or relative who is finding life with their disability difficult, please contact Centre 81 to see how they may be able to support you.

Thanks to Centre 81’s fleet of fully accessible minibuses and helpful drivers, members can also make the most of being part of their local community, getting out and about to do things like ten-pin bowling, sailing, shopping, bingo and going to a pub, theatre or restaurant.

Members have a big say in Centre 81’s activities and often help to organise them.

The Skills & Activities Centre is a truly person-centred experience. We offer a personal pampering service, ensuring that members get the time they need to enjoy the things that so many of us take for granted – having a manicure, a soak in the bath, a shower or washing their hair. Centre 81 has a visiting private chiropodist and appointments may be made by calling 01493 852573.

We provide lunch with a choice of main courses and desserts. A selection of light bites, including soup, a sandwich or jacket potato is also available, and throughout the day members can enjoy hot and cold drinks from the snack bar.

Members have access to specialist equipment and we can help them to access independent counsellors.

For more information on our Skills & Activities Centre or to arrange a visit call us on: